Resolving complaints and disputes procedure

Vacation SrilankaTours has a strong focus on consumer complaint handling and dispute resolution. As a result, we are actively committed to helping with Guest or Tavel agent resolve any complaint or concern that you may have about the way in which we have provided ourservices.

Our complaints handling process

Step 1

As a Registered travel business, and tripadvisor recommended we must have a customer complaints handling procedure,

Which is:

  1. Easy and free to access; and
  2. Complies with the SrilankanStandard on Complaints Handling

Step 2

If you have a complaint, you can advise us by one of the followingmethods:

  1. Completing any feedback form that we may make available to you; (Online/offline)
  2. Contacting us directly via telephone, mail or email,

Step 3

We will acknowledge your complaint within 5-10 business days of receiving it.

Step 4

When lodging a complaint, we may need to request additional information from you to assist with our investigations.

Step 5

We will attempt to investigate your complaint and inform you of the outcome within 10 business days of receipt. We will also maintain communication with you throughout our investigation.

Step 6

We may be unable to complete our investigation within the 10 business day period if we are waiting for a response from agency or a traveller which we have told you is required. In this case, wewill:

  1. Inform you of the reasons for the delay; and
  2. Specify a date when a decision can reasonably be expected.

Step 7

We will provide client / travel agency with the above information in writing unless it has been mutually agreed that it can be given orally.

Our official will provide written confirmation within 7 business days of receiving your complaint.


Please look the chart to be develop what complaints we accepted.

Involves an alleged breach of the ATAS Code, for example, relating to:
  • Issues with products or services provided by the Participant;
  • Misleading or deceptive conduct;
  • Refunds; Cancellation
  • Marketing; - documentation; - information provided by the Participant;
  • Failure to hold compulsory insurances; - complaints handling process;
  • Deposits, prepayments and cancellations; - itinerary / transfer issues
  • Guide & Driver misleading
  • Service fees and pricing in general handle by the Vacation Srilanka Tours.
  • Relating to an incident or issue arising more than 3 months before escalation.
  • Visa or passport issues, Payment in your side
  • Incident giving rise to the complaint occurred before the participant became accredited.
  • Identical events and facts as a previous complaint
  • Involving an allegation or finding of: - a criminal offence; - corruption; Terrorism, - findings of dishonesty by a Court or Tribunal; - disqualification of a director; - disciplinary action by a law enforcement agency; - failure to pay money owing under a Court order; and - trading whilst insolvent.
  • Attraction issues – Infrastructure, Weather or climate practices, Government price increasing etc.
  • Legal action (including a court or tribunal process) relating to the same matter has already commenced.
  • Involving a claim for non-economic loss.
  • Money Exchange issue
  • Bank transfer failures
  • Credit card payment issues
  • Any third party involved action by guest disregard the driver/guide or company representative.

Our Conclusion & Resolution

Within 14 business days

  1. We will attempt to resolve of your complaints in the first instance in line with our complaint and dispute handling processes.
  2. When attempting to resolve your complaint we will consider all relevant circumstances and information and inform you of our proposed action.

We found any damage or losses by handle our site, We accept the pay back fine.