Srilanka Travel Guide

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian ocean was once Ambradeepa or the Island of mangoes to the ancient Indians - our closer neighbors later with navigation commencing and operating via the "Silk Route" between middle eastern countries and the far eastern countries this beautiful country Sri Lanka was named as "Serendip" by the Arabs, Greeks named Sri Lanka as "Thaprobane" , but Ceylon was the name used by the British and other Europeans who had close connections with Sri Lanka then, though "Lanka" ,"Heladiva", "Lakdiva" , "Rathnadeepa" or " Sinhaladeepa" were the very ancient Sinhalese names used to identity by Sri Lanka, It was only in 1972 that this present name Sri Lanka was officially established by the then Prime Minister Hon. Sirima Bandaranayake who also has the honour of being the First Women Prime Minister in the world when elected to same office on 21.07.1960.

Ancient History according to some eminent archeologists, though some civilized pattern of living had been found to be in existence in this Island Sri Lanka about 31000 years ago, genuine and reliable proof is available only after prince Vijaya's landing here about 2600 years ago from north western part of India. He settled down in Sri Lanka with his 700 strong companions and present day Sinhalese are the direct descendents of them so propagated.

Medieval History It was in 1505 A.D. that the Portuguese accidentally landed at Galle port situated in the Southern part of Sri Lanka. Later they came again and put up a fortress at Galle and gradually extended their power along the coastal areas of Sri Lanka and ruled same from 1587 AD -1658 AD.

Endless splendor and charm make you perfect holiday

In this world there are few places which offer the traveller such a remarkable combination of white sand beaches, Bluesky to wildlife to culture and heritage to the cool climes in the hill country, Sri Lanka is filled with places to explore as compact location.

We recommend that it be the ideal honeymoon destination for a romantic couple or an activity packed holiday for friends or simply a chance to explore another country; Sri Lanka is an island which will surpass your highest expectations. No matter which corner of the island you choose to go, endless beach activities await you, also it’s famous for spices, rainforests, heritages, tropical natural gardens and indigenous medicines.

Ethnic Group in Sri Lanka

Total Population 20 Million
Race wise- Sinhala 75% | Tamil 17% | Moors 7% | others 1 %
Religion wise- Buddhist 77 % | Hindus 8 % | Christians 7 % | Islam's 8%
Literacy rate average 90.01 % one of the highest in Asia.

Top 10 Site in Sri Lanka

  1. Plonnaruwa Ruined cities The Kingdom of many ancient Kings, Ancient castle, Temples, Irrigation work – Parakrama Samudrya , Hindu temples, citadels exist there for your amusement.($25 Per head)

  2. Anuradhapura ruined cites The kingdom of many ancient Kings, Botree , Rock fortress, Castles , Temples, scared Botree (Oldest living human-planted tree), mighty Irrigation works and more showing the grandeur of Sri Lanka in the past.($25 Per head)

  3. Sigiriya - Rock Fortress The capital of King Kashyapa(491 A.D. to 508 A.D.) frescos of beautiful dames & damsels, underground and surface drainage systems, Panoramic view from the top is fascinating , water fountain unit of solid rock activated during rainy weather only.($30 Per head)

  4. Kandy Temple of the sacred Tooth Relic($10 Per head), Capital of the last king of Sri Lanka. Sri Wickramasinghe Rajasinghe.

  5. Galle Fort Initially constructed by the Portuguese and Srilankans, renovated and reconstructed by the Dutch and British with Sri Lankan's assistance. Asia’s oldest Library is here established in 1832.

  6. Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a place to find all sort of fauna & flora not found elsewhere in the country.($12 Per head)

  7. The Golden temple of Dambulla It's beautiful cave paintings and monuments is one of the largest and best preserved cave temple complexes in the country.($15 Per head)

  8. Sri Pada mountain Also known as Adam's peak, Sivanadi palam , Samanala Kanda Foot print of Loard Buddha/Godshiva or Adam on rock at the sammit. Revered by all devotees of all religion. The season to climb same is from December to April of the year only.

  9. Knuckles Mountain range Gives a panoramic view of the entire surroundings valleys, hills all over and the diversity of the Landscapes.

  10. Horton plains Is the latest entry to the world heritage list, Lillie at Knuckles mountain range the vistas are really fascinating , seeing is believing.($15 Per head)

Local laws and customs

There are severe penalties for all drug offences and crimes related to the abuse of children. In some circumstances you can be held without charge indefinitely. Convicted offenders may face a lengthy jail sentence.

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